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The old Strynefjell road


The old Strynefjell road is a heritage-rich alternative to the RV15. After 2 miles, by Hellstuguvatnet lake, there is a stone-age settlement, reindeer traps, stone hide, smithy and remains of a German bomber. After 5½ miles, by Vargevasskulane: burial cairn on a rock. After 6½ miles, East-West watershed. After 6½ miles, highest point on the road 3740 feet. After 9 miles, Kongsvarden, supposedly built by Harald Hårfagre. After 13 miles, Bjørnsonsvingen. Information boards at Grotli Høyfjellshotell and Jostedalsbreen National Park Centre. Oversettelse © www.noproblem.no 2009.