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Post-war reconstructed Steinkjer


Steinkjer is one of Norway's most successful and best-preserved post-war reconstruction towns. Bombing on 21 April 1940 destroyed over 80 % of its buildings. The town was rebuilt to plans drawn up by Norway's war-damage reconstruction committee led by Professor Sverre Pedersen. The focus of Pedersen's neo-Baroque town design is Kongens Gate on Sørsia (south side) with the fire-station tower at Nordsia (north side) forming a striking focal point. Intersecting streets lead to other focal points. The Torget marketplace features Sverre Olsen's Samfunnshus community hall (1951) and church (O. Platou 1965). Large parts of central Nordsia have a preservation order. Oversettelse © www.noproblem.no 2009.