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Hoel Gård Farm


Farm estate at Hedmark. Noted for Norway's longest linden grove (5250 feet) as well as its many large buildings. The 3000 m2 barn with its two bell towers, together with the farm museum and main building, forms a majestic courtyard. The main building dates from 1719 and is a listed building. There are terraced gardens, including a summer house today used as a bridal suite. This distinctive lodge from 1870, right on the banks of Lake Mjøsa, is used to accommodate groups and individual tourists. Private quay for the Skibladner steamer. The main building can also be used for accommodation. The building contains a fully-restored ballroom. Groups of up to 130 people can eat in the farm museum. Up to 20 people can dine in the main building. The current owners serve food based on local ingredients. Chickens for eating, corn, grass seed and potatoes are actively farmed. The farm houses 6th-century artefacts. Of documentary sources, Hoel is mentioned in a papal letter of 1393 when it was church property. It was later crown property until 1670. Norway's first farmer-chieftain Halvor Hoel lived here until his death in 1852. He led the farmers' battle against the ruling classes in 1815. He is said to haunt the main building. Petter Wessel Kildal purchased Hoel in 1867 and carried out substantial renovations. The Sandberg family purchased Hoel in 1932. Oversettelse © www.noproblem.no 2010.


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