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Abelvær Gård - Old Trading Centre


This ancient trading centre is heard of in written sources in the 17th century. The Abelvær trading centre, with its "associated farm", has been in the Brandtzæg family since 1802. Since that time, the family has carried out trade and many other activities on the site. Abelvær was part of the "Ramstad" estate, known as "Rafnista" in the sage of Egil. According to the saga, one of Iceland's first settlers, Kjetil Høngur, came from Rafnista. The buildings now on this site have been in their present form since the period 1840 to 1872, although parts of two of the buildings are considerably older. Abelvær Farm offers accommodation in a well-equipped self-catering apartment (4 bedrooms) or in high-standard rooms. The "Styrmanden" refectory offers coffee, cakes and "snacks" but can produce a full lunch or dinner for up to 20 persons by prior arrangement. Fully licensed. We are very happy to tell the history of the place and how it has been run. Oversettelse © www.noproblem.no 2009.


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