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Dalen Hotel


The opening of the 105 km long Telemark Canal in 1892 led to a surge in tourist traffic over Dalen between Kristiania and Bergen. Dalen Hotel, which opened in 1894, was built for wealthy travellers. The architect Haldor Børve designed a fairytale castle in the National Romantic style of the times, including gables, galleries, dragon figureheads, towers and spires, and imaginative and handsome interior details. Dalen Hotel was one of the largest tourist hotels at the turn of the last century. It is now respectfully restored, and has been awarded The Europa Nostra Prize; for "- - the comprehensive rehabilitation of this historically important, but almost derelict wooden hotel, avoiding the addition of disturbing new elements to the original unique design". The porch doors open onto a large garden overlooking Bandak Lake, where boats still operate between Dalen and Skien, through the sluice gates of the Telemark Canal, during the summer. After having survived as a luxury hotel during the first days of tourism, as a health resort for German officers during WWII, as a haunted house and in other incarnations, it has been restored with care. Dalen Hotel can care for different arrangements, meetings and courses - and offers you a special experience, either you arrive by car, bus or boat.


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