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Schooner Anna Rogde


The Anna Rogde is the world's oldest sailing schooner. She was built by Bangsund Shipyard in Namsos, and was launched on 20 August 1868. Captain Isak Rogde of Hardanger bought the ship, which was then named the Anna af Bergen, in 1872. The schooner was renamed Anna Rogde when Isak married Anna from Kjøtta, near Harstad. For a hundred years, three generations of the Rogde family used the boat to haul freight along the coast of Norway and abroad. The fastmoving schooner could transport goods that spoilt quickly, such as tea, fruit and fish, from Archangelsk in the northeast to Portugal in the south. The Anna Rogde, also called "Norway's Sailing Queen" and "the Ruby of Northern Norwegian Coastal Culture", was the last Norwegian sailing ship that was taken out of active service when she was decommissioned in 1972. After being restored in southern Norway, she was sold and returned to Harstad in 1990. Today the boat is moored at the Harstad Arts Centre quay, and the venerable old schooner takes guests for short fjord trips, fishing trips, pirate cruises, company cruises and wedding cruises, as well as longer trips to Lofoten and pure sailing trips along the coast of Norway. The boat can carry up to 60 day passengers, and has overnight accommodation for 15. The schooner is run by The Foundation Anna Rogde.


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