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Ryvarden Lighthouse


Ryvarden Lighthouse is exposed to the forces of the sea at Sletta by the mouth of Bømla Fjord. Many a shipwreck has taken place here throughout the centuries. Ryvarden Lighthouse was erected in 1849 and remained in operation until 1984. The Lighthouse is fully automated today, but stands intact with buildings dating mainly from 1930-60. The station consists of the lighthouse, the attendant's living quarters and three outlying buildings. The buildings are good examples of the style of that period, while also being ideal for their present use. From the time the lighthouse was automated, it has gained new life as a cultural centre. The attendant's quarters have been converted into a gallery and café. One building houses a historical exhibition, and another is used as an artist's studio. Exhibitions are shown from Easter to December. The Lighthouse is also used for courses, conferences and parties and has 4 double rooms of high standard for overnight guests. There is a 2 km walk from Mølstrevåg out to the Lighthouse.


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