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Køhler Pavilion


The Køhler Pavilion was built in 1860 by the rich man's son Johan Mandius Köhler (1821-1897) from Stavanger. Comprehensively restored, the Køhler Pavilion is now once more ready to be used for parties, courses and other events. The restoration has been carried out with authentic details, recreating the 18th-century atmosphere. The main room seats 36 guests, and the Lofoten Room accommodates 30 conference delegates. Good food is an important ingredient for all guests. We are proud to offer food by the Jæren-based chef Heine Grov and we use first-rate local ingredients in dishes inspired by the 19th century, with generous portions and traditional, local recipes. At the farm we produce "Taste of Jæren" pork and "Madame Köhler's Rhubarb Squash", both of which are on the menu. Historical narrative, local food and the Jæren landscape, together with the unique buildings, contribute to creating a special experience for our guests. Oversettelse © www.noproblem.no 2010.


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