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Sør-Gjæslingan Fishing Village


Sør-Gjæslingan is a group of islands located near Folda. The fishing village was once one of the largest south of Lofoten, with up to 4000 men and women gathered there at the height of the fishing season. A property owner had the title to the land, but unlike the landowner in Lofoten, he did not own the fishermen's shacks. Most of them were owned by the fishermen themselves, land that they rented. The fisherman's life was no romantic ideal. Up to 20 men and a cook could live in one small shack. Sanitary conditions were poor, and contagious diseases were a constant threat. Lice and tuberculosis had free rein, and the dangers of the sea were ever-present. Among the sites that have been preserved are the shacks, rows of fish-drying racks, the fish reception area, the proprietor's home and the local shop, the saltery and the cod liver oil factory. Visitors can stay in one of the old shacks, surrounded by history, and enjoy the natural surroundings and fresh sea air. A historical walking tour can be arranged, and boats are available for rent. The shacks are designed for self-catering, and in addition there are two well-equipped meeting rooms with sanitary facilities. Meals and fishing trips can be arranged. The property owner's dwelling, today a high standard house, is for rent.


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