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Søre Harildstad Farm


In Heidal, many old farms are situated in a row upon a "shelf" in the valley. This shelf was the shoreline during the last ice age and is an ideal position for a farmstead: a sheltered, sunny spot elevated above the cold winter drafts at the bottom of the valley. One of the farmsteads is Søre Harildstad with its log buildings dating from the end of the 18th Century. The farm was originally divided in two, with the inner courtyard for people and the farmyard for the animals. The inner courtyard at Søre Harildstad consists of three farmhouses, a stabbur and an aurbu (a type of mud hut) and is one of the finest preserved farmsteads in Gudbrandsdalen. All of the buildings here, which have been restored and are in very good condition, have been listed since 1924. The famous wood-carver Per Veggum is responsible for the unique carvings in the galleries. The buildings contain many fine old furnishings, such as a Renaissance wardrobe from the 17th Century and a grandfather clock from the18th Century. There are overnight accommodations in three of the exclusive old buildings and some meals can be ordered. Tours are given two days a week during the summer. Guided tours and meals for groups can be arranged in advance. Prices: Overnight stay NOK 275, breakfast NOK 80, dinner from NOK 200, guided tour incl. refreshment NOK 100.


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