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Kongsvold Mountain Inn


Much of the trade and travel between the east coast and Trøndelag has always passed through Drivdalen. For hundreds of years this transport took place by foot or on horseback, and starting in the 1700s by horse and carriage. In the past this journey was exhausting and not very safe. The sagas tell the story of King Eystein, who built self-catering cabins in the Dovre Mountain in the 1100s. After many years these cabins became mountain inns with a staff. Kongsvold Mountain Inn has existed since 1720. Today it consists of 20 well-maintained old buildings with much of their original interior fittings still in place, and the buildings are filled with antiques and collectibles from the inn's 300 years of operation. You can stay overnight in the historical atmosphere of one of the inn's 32 rooms that boast every modern comfort. By prior arrangement, guests can be served all their meals in the dining hall. The menu is based on local raw materials and traditions. Kongsvold also has a pub that serves simple mountain fare to tourists who are stopping for a short time. The Pilgrim Road passes through the inn area, and the inn is a good starting point for walks in Dovre National Park, which is inhabited by musk oxen and wild reindeer. The area has a unique plant and bird population.


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