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Ytste Skotet Farm


In the steep hills of the fjord country on the western side of the Storfjord is the farm of Ytste Skotet. The mountain farm is perched on a ledge high above the fjord, and has been inhabited since the Viking era. It is hard to believe that anyone would choose to live in these conditions, but although life was not easy on Ytste Skotet it was a productive farm. In fact, it was considered one of the best grain-producing farms in Stordal. The traditional way of running a farm, with crop fields near the farmhouse and grazing areas beyond, was continued until 1954, when the last residents moved out of the farmhouse. The seven or eight buildings and the cultural landscape have been well tended, and in the summer the farm is busy with all sorts of activities. Visitors are offered simple fare and overnight accommodation in addition to several courses on the theme of self-sufficiency. By looking around in the buildings, eating traditional foods, participating in the activities and sleeping in the farmhouse or barn, the visitor can gain insight into a time when what we today would call drudgery was a normal way of life. Arrangements can be tailored to specific needs on request. Ytste Skotet conducts an outdoor pursuits centre in the spring and autumn.


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