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Whaleboat Southern Actor


The Whaleboat Southern Actor was built by Smith's Dock Ltd. in Middlesbrough, England in1950. Until 1962 it was used for whaling in the Antarctic Ocean, after which it was used for fishing along the Norwegian coast and in Spain. In 1989 the boat was discovered in northern Spain, just as it was about to be scrapped and quick action was taken to acquire the old boat and transport it to Sandefjord. Southern Actor provided Sandefjord, a city with a long history of whaling, with a longdesired ship to function as a museum and tourist attraction. Thanks to subsidies and gifts, not to mention close to 80,000 hours of voluntary work done by retired whalers, the old whaleboat, with its lookout tower, was completely restored. Southern Actor is today part of the Whaling Museum and is docked at the Museum Pier in Sandefjord Harbour. By acquiring it, Sandefjord has gained a unique opportunity for documenting important aspects of Vestfold's whaling culture. Southern Actor is both a museum and a passenger boat with a crew composed of veteran whalers who willingly tell about life on board a whaling ship. There are guided tours of the boat during the summer. The boat is also available for private charters.


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