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Sørre Hemsing Farm


Sørre Hemsing is a farm complex comprising a courtyard of eight buildings from the 17th to the 19th centuries. It is located at 1770 feet above sea level, up on the eastern side of Lake Vangsmjøsa. The buildings have been restored and are now used for serving food, meetings, courses and accommodation. Animal sheds, barn and stables are now used for sheep, goats and horses. We serve traditional food made from raw ingredients. We fish for trout in Lake Vangsmjøsa and bake, boil, cure or salt/ferment it. Young goat, lamb and reindeer are much used for main dishes, and we also make cured meats from goat and lamb. We serve our special rømmegrøt (sour-cream dish). This is served together with our own cured meats. Food is served in the Oppistøga building from 1865, where there is room for 20 around a vast table or for 15 elsewhere. For small groups of 6-8 persons we can also serve food in the 17th-century "Gamlestøga". There is accommodation for a total of 16 visitors in the Buahuset, Gamlestøga and Oppistøga buildings. Sørre Hemsing possesses a relaxed atmopshere. You can go fishing in lakes and rivers, go swimming, go for walks in the mountains or enjoy the landscape and heritage trail that leads through our unique cultural landscape with its signs of ancient clearance, meadows with a great variety of wildlife and remains of ancient settlements. Oversettelse © www.noproblem.no 2009.


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