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Valbjør Gard, Vågå Farm Hotel


The history of the farm points back to The Viking Age.The oldest written documentary proof of its existence is from 1280, but the history of the farm is certainly much older. An ancient grave and more archaeological finds from the 9th century bear witness to that. The farmstead, which is situated 700 meters above sea level, includes a total of 12 buildings from the 17th, 18th and 19th Century. Most of them are scheduled as ancient monuments. The oldest one, "Gamelloftet", dates back to the early 1600s. The buildings, among them the "Nørdre stugu", are restored, and offer accomodation as well as gatherings of different kinds. On the farm there are ab. 20 beds in 8 rooms. Serving of lunch, dinner or light meals may be arranged, guided tours as well. The guiding is focused on old craft and old traditions. Goats and sheep are the main domestic animals on the farm, which is still an active one - and since 1984 run in an ecological way. The goat's milk is the main agricultural product. Also the meat from the goats has become important. There is a special "farm shop" on the premises, where meat, cheese, herbs and local handicraft are sold. Valbjør Farmstead is viewing the Jotunheimen mountain area. The farm is located in a nice cultural landscape, where guests have rich opportunities of walking routes. See also: www.gardshotell.no.


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