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Kvebergsøya Farm


Kvebergsøya is an old farm that dates back to the 1600s. The buildings constitue a unique environment in the typical "two-courtyard"-system: one for the human beings and one for the farm animals. At Kvebergsøya there is also a varied cultural landscape that offers a pleasant stay for guests wanting to feel nearness to nature, animals and traditonal culture. This is especially relevant in connection with Christmas time and the celebration of the New Year. The cultural heritage is passed on by help of exhibitions, demonstrations, storytelling and practical farming. The farm is run with a special focus on subsistence farming. There are many animals on the farm, among them several horses that are used for trips and farm work. The hosts serve traditional and home-made food in the old building "Olastua". Meat from reindeer, moose and trout constitutes significant tastes on the menu. Protective marks against "evil thoughts and supernatural powers" are carved in the side boards of the old beds - and gives a good sleep after a splendid day at Kvebergsøya. You may also take part in sleigh rides and trips by carriages with two or four harnessed horses.


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